Five 3 Gallery is the vision of gallerist Brigette Hernandez. It produces and presents a programme of exhibitions and events as well as provide a vital platform for a wide range of disciplines, cultures and contexts. Presenting art in a way to satisfy and excite collectors of established and emerging artists alike.


To develop an understanding and appreciation of art’s complex role in reflecting and affecting how people relate critically and creatively to a changing world.

To present a changing programme of well-curated, visually stimulating and thoughtful exhibitions that are supported by appropriate events and publications, which make a distinctive contribution to their viewers and win the respect and attention of local, national and international audiences.

To provide a platform for established and emerging artists, as well as create a destination for collectors to discover new artists and works in a personalized and streamlined fashion.

In pursuit of its mission Five 3 Gallery is committed to the principles of artistic freedom and acknowledges the special relationship that exists between galleries, artists and collectors.