Artist FAQ

What is Five 3 Gallery?

Five 3 Gallery is an artist led collective and gallery. We present our artists work in our online gallery at art fairs, pop ups, exhibitions and in our physical gallery (coming soon).

We are focused on building and nurturing relationships with artists and collectors and strive to provide the best experience possible.

What is the function of is a valuable tool for introducing your artwork to collectors. Whether in person or through online marketing, the best way to show our full inventory of available works is online. When working with collectors we offer curated pages based on what they are looking to acquire. This unique model enables us to include your works in those curated pages whenever your art work matches their criteria, this gives you direct exposure to collectors. Your work will be listed in the main gallery and you will have a dedicated artist page.

How does the collective work?

Five 3 Gallery is an artist led collective. Our artist share in the cost of maintaining and marketing and gallery. Membership dues include online representation, curating, uploading, updating, hosting, and marketing for 12 months.