Jason Penstone

jason portrait.png

I feel a great warmth of excitement and wonderment when I am about to begin a new painting as I have no preconceptions. The process is completely organic and spontaneous.  I allow my mind to travel to a place where the unconscious has free reign. As I look at the blank canvas, intuition guides my choice of colours. I apply the paint and water intuitively across the canvas until lines, shapes and textures begin to emerge, allowing the composition to reveal itself. My compositions are always changing, with every application of paint they evolve into something that I can comfortably feel is complete and that is beautiful and thought provoking in the eyes of the viewer.  What emerges on the canvas is an internal language that is personal, yet at the same time universal. It speaks of places unseen. Rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, I aim to create new self-evolving landscapes that take on a life of their own allowing the viewer to explore their imagination within an unknown landscape.


My early influences were the post-impressionist painters; however, it was the Russian and Cubism movements that opened my eyes to see the world with an abstract approach. Since then the inspiration for my Abstract paintings have come from each of the previous painting’s I have created and experimented with. This process always leads to new ideas that I attempt to learn from and build upon, allowing me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one piece to the next.

 I vary my paintings between standard edge canvases which will require framing and deep edge canvases which do not require framing. The edges of my deep edge paintings are painted black to give them a finished look. Each painting will be signed and be applied a varnished protective finish.